2022 Author of Premetered Coating Methods
2018 - President of the European Coating Society
2016 - CEO of Schweizer Coating Consulting GmbH, Wuennewil, Switzerland
2001 - 2016 Manager Process Development, Polytype Converting AG, Fribourg, Switzerland
2006 Receipt of the John A. Tallmadge Award for significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of liquid coating process technology, by the International Society of Coating Science and Technology
1997 - 2000 Partner and CEO of TSE Troller Schweizer Engineering AG, Niederwangen, Switzerland
1997  Co-editor of Liquid Film Coating
1987 - 1996 Manager of Production Technology/Engineering, ILFORD AG, Fribourg, Switzerland
1981 - 1986 Research Scientist, Coating Flow Research Group, Eastman Kodak, Rochester, New York
1979 - 1980 Post-doctoral research in coating flows, University of Minnesota, Prof. L. E. Scriven
1979 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Process Technology), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Activities

  • Promotion of pre-metered and simultaneous multilayer coating technologies to new industries
  • Optimization of coating and drying processes for customer-specific applications
  • Theoretical modelling of coating processes
  • Experimental verification of model predictions
  • Customer trials on pilot coating line
  • Commissioning of pre-metered coating process at customer sites
  • Economic modeling of manufacturing processes for coated products

Schweizer Coating Consulting GmbH

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+41 (79) 777-5394